Hi! If you’ve landed here, you’re in the right spot!  You’re here because you want to see a change in your life!  You want to see how good you are willing to let it get! You know there is more, but what exactly?  

Well, that’s where I was about 3 years ago.  I had checked off all the major accomplishments of my life.  Career, partner & spouse, 3 amazing kids, house we bought ourselves, cars, friends I loved, etc.  All the points had been achieved and yet I had hit an emotional and spiritual brick wall.  

I literally was left thinking, how am I going to make it to the end of my life?  The monotony was suffocating me and I was drowning. Wake up, feed kids, drive to schools, get groceries, work, doctors appointments, care for pet, laundry, clean house,  pick up kids, make dinner, bath, bedtime, glance at husband (maybe say hi), pass out in bed... Repeat.  

I was grateful for what I had manifested and achieved, but I was no longer filled up by it.  Looking back at that completely boring list, I forgot about me.  I had no time for self-love, for self-care, for my authentic self.  I was filled with fear, self-doubt and a lackluster enthusiasm for life.  This was not me.  I was a warrior who took on the challenges of life, not get beaten down by them.  I could hear her, the warrior, inside me but the volume level was at a 1.  I had to make a change to my life.

I learned how to find that inner femme-warrior inside and bring her back to the forefront of my life.  Now, that I had all these other players, and it wasn’t just me anymore, I had to learn how to incorporate these loves of my life into my life and into me.  The authentic me. I had to redesign my life to live on purpose, finding my passion again, and sparking the play back into my daily routine.  

These are the ingredients you need to get back to that powerful woman you know is deep inside you.  It's not only possible, it absolutely can happen for you!  I want to show you what I did, and how I did it.  I know if i did it you can too!  I've created a couple options for you here.

My mission is to help women overcome this gap in their lives where you have the opportunity to create a life you truly love living.  You wake up happy, excited, and motivated. You're present with your kids and your partner because you know the value of your relationships.  You feel more confident to express your needs because you know you're worthy of receiving it.  

I hope you find inspiration and tools to put in your self-love backpack here on my website.   Come with me on your journey to self-renewal, self-gratitude, and EMPOWER your soul again!



Michelle Goodman is an entrepreneur, master of Acupuncture, inspirational coach, Certified Meditation Teacher, and self-love motivator.  She helps women see their true authentic self by her straight-forward approach to changing the conversation of “I am not enough” to “ I know how beautiful I am and I can!”  She also helps heal people thru Acupuncture and leads mediation classes, in her hometown of Lutherville, Maryland.