What happened to the woman who wanted it ALL....Oh, that's right LIFE!  The marriage, the kids, the career, the dog all pushed themselves to the front...and what happened to YOU?

Now that there's some space with your pre-teen growing older, let's get you back to center stage again!  I want you to feel empowered, blissed out, and ready to jump into life again.




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"I am constantly referencing her teachings, as it helps me everyday to achieve personal growth and contentment....most importantly working on being my best self." ~Allyson

Everyone can benefit from The empowered bliss journey! It has helped me keep everything in my life on track:  to being happy, spiritually, and personal growth, and self love.

It has reminded me to take care of myself, and the people I love daily. Sometimes, life goes by so fast we don't take time for ourselves. This journey gives you all the tools guidance and motivation to really focus on what is so important! I invite you all to join this wonderful journey- you will be happy you did.💚