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I wanted to make a list of all the things I get asked about when working with clients.  Whether you're looking for my favorite Aryvedic Oil or what I use to make my Mindset videos for all you Mompreneurs out there.  Now you can come to this list anytime you want to see what I'm using to build my business what I use to add vitality and passion to my life.  Or what I'm doing to learn from the best of the best about my Mindset.  Make sure to let me know what you like best! 


Shankara Products

I absolutely love what they are providing at Shankara.  If you are curious about Aryvedic medicine and how it heals the body, mind and soul you'll know quickly why they really know what they are doing.  The quality of these products are super high and infused with love and integrity.  

Shankara Products

This is my favorite oil to use before bedtime for a restful and calming sleep!  It has hints of Rose and other scents that just get you to that place of zen. 


Harmonizing Oil

This oil is particular to my dosha.  Visit the Shankura website to find out more about this.  I use this when I want to feel balanced in my energy or grounded.  


Planners that i love!

Right now there’s 25% off these journals, planners, and stickers…but really there is so much more. Make sure to use this link to the left as your portal in order to receive the 25% off!! Because you are Friends & Family!! 😉

Life Planner

If I had it my way, I would get a new life planner every quarter just for all the pretty designs and colors you can get.  Plus, I love the idea of having all my work out on paper so I can see it and see how far I've come.  There are so many to choose from, You won't be disappointed! 

Hardbound Notebooks

All these products are high quality and I have been using them for years.  I use these notebooks for my gratitude journaling in the morning.  The best part is you can personalize the notebooks!

Erin Condren Accessories

Who doesn't love stickers?  Reminds me of when I was a kid and collected stickers. 

I found these products many, many years ago and absolutely loved everything I ordered.  The stickers among other things are so much fun on this page.