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Welcome to your Bliss Tribe, a place where you can get all comfy.  Come for inspiration with your Monthly Mantra, download your PDF to access your weekly journal topic, listen to a meditation, or just to be reminded of who you really are meant to be.  


Life cannot be possessed.
You cannot have it in your fist.
If you want to have it,
you have to keep your hands open.

Monthly Mantra: I keep my heart open to the possibilities of love in all my relationships.

Connect to the private Facebook page group in the link here.  Let's make our place a community to share insights, struggles, and support.  Listening to the collective group can be so supportive for all of us.  Can't wait to see you in there!



Use this sheet as a way to stay focused on the theme of the month, which is love.  Look at the ways love is a part of your life, take in the love around you, and begin to keep a log.  List the way your child smiles at you, your dog licks your face and is always happy to see you, a kind hello or smile from a stranger, the loving touch of a friend.  These are all ways love is a part of your life, but we often let them pass us by unnoticed.  Take note, accept, and invite the love in and see how it begins to transform your day.  

Your Playsheet for week 2:  Week 2 open here

Your playsheet for week 3:  week 3 open here

Your playsheet for week 4:  Week 4 open here

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