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“Alchemize Your life”

Group program starts april 15th


Are you ready to grow your community of supportive women and connect to yourself in a whole new way?

Join me in Align & Empower as I come to you LIVE in an online group setting where I teach you the importance of setting your foundation so that you can EMPOWER yourself to live the life you say you desire. Align & Empower is an online group coaching program unlike any other where you will not just learn what I am teaching you, but you will feel motivated and inspired to take action!

You will feel supported and engaged with like-minded women who are ready to up-level themselves & their life, just like you. Women who know how to lead themselves first can then show up to lead every part of their life.

Exploring the 4 Pillars of Purpose and aligning with your core beliefs, in whole new way, will empower you to show up to your life and shine! The 4 Pillars of Purpose are the foundation to building the success in every part of your life.

  • Goddess Warrior- learn to recognize the Divine Feminine & Masculine in yourself, how to create balance between the two and how that will set you up in all the other areas of your life.

  • Boss Lady VIP- Be the Leader in your business so that you can show up for your clients in a powerful way. Get control of your time and live the vision for your business.

  • Wealth Attractor- What is your money blueprint? Learn how this is affecting every aspect of your life and how to become more conscious in your relationship with money.

  • RockStar Mamma- Be the best Mom to your kids as you are more present to who they are as a person. Learn deep listening skills that will open your relationship to your kids in a whole new way.

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Not ready for a group program? My Self-run programs are the best way to warm yourself up!

I want to Feel Abundant AF I want To feel like a boss

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Abundance Attractor

Do you feel like if only you could figure out how to get the one thing, you could then get ahead? You’ve heard the saying, “How you do one thing is how you do everything”, but you don’t even know where to start. The truth is, it’s not what you do, but who you are BEing when you do it. You are part of bigger whole and abundant universe, so why not feel like it on the daily!

Over the course of 21 days you will learn the 5-7 steps you must have in place in order to create true abundance and start attracting that money you’ve been wanting.  It’s time to reset that Money Mindset, bust thru those blocks and let the flow happen so you start really cultivating a millionaire mind. You’ll learn rituals, the art of celebrating and a little touch of the witchy stuff (but not too scary;)) to get you attracting the riches you desire.  

Boss Lady, VIP

Are you always running around feeling like you’re playing catchup? Do you want to feel like there’s more time in your day? Do you keep letting things pile up only to beat yourself up when it doesn’t get done?

Stop feeling like a scatter brain! Run your business like it was meant to, with you in the driver’s seat. knowing how to lead. She who leads herself can then lead others.

In this course you will learn how to be a consciously spiritual boss lady who has stepped into her leadership. Learn how to work with your business so it effortlessly flows instead of working against you. Simplify your life and your time so that you can manage your to-do list in a way that's fulfilling and even exciting so you're not overwhelmed.  Learn how to make time relative instead of being managed by every minute.  

I want to Manifest my dreams I want to be a better mom

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Manifesting Maven

Haven't really grasped the whole manifesting thing?  What does it really look like IRL?  Have you read The Secret, but didn’t really get any results? You can write things down on a piece of paper and hope they come true.  Or you can hope that if you wish it hard enough it will happen. But yeah, No. 

There's a little more to it then that and if you think you know it all, there's still more.  This course is all the magic and action combined into one. You’ll build a foundation in all things manifestation and get your ideas poppin’ in ways you didn’t know were hidden inside of you.

There is an art to manifesting and setting up the foundation for success is just the beginning. The Manifesting Maven is a two week online program where you will discover what’s holding you back, how to turn it around, raise your vibration to match your desires and truly create those dreams into your new reality.

Rock Star Mamma

Have you ever wondered how "she" does it? The one who has it all together, who's kids seem perfect and who never argue with their parents, the one who never yells at her kids and she seems to do it all with ease and grace? Ha!

At some point that fantasy comes to a screeching halt and the shit gets real.  Cue, kids crying in the back of the car and you haven’t showered in a week. Feeling a struggle with your kids right now? Not sure how to help them?  Fighting and bickering all the time? 

You are the hub, Mamma.  You are the center point and they are the spokes in your wheel. You need to feel good about it.  So, let’s do that! In this 2 week course, we get you plugged back into being a Mom so you can open up the communication with your kids. Get connected to what’s going on with them so you can relate at their level. Start having fun again! Dads aren’t the only ones who know how to have fun!


Still feeling like you want more one on one guidance?