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Evolve Program

*This is only for local people*

For people already clients of mine thru Acupuncture, I have a special program combining the ancient healing art of Acupuncture with the insightful Empowerment Coaching to create a support container for real results in a truly unique way.

When you move the energy in the body to be more open and receptive, then you can have really powerful mindset shifts, smashing limiting beliefs, and creating the life you know you were meant to live, more authentically.  You combine the body, mind, and spirit healing all at once to really have dynamic shifts in your life. 
It's why I love to offer this program!

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Deep Dive Coaching

This is for those high-achieving women who are ready to drop the excuses, get real, and level-up their life.  Maybe you've been hustling hard and are on the direct road to burnout central.  You know how to do life because you can get things done , but what you are doing isn't working so well anymore.  You're left feeling drained, exhausted, and depleted. 

You need to redesign how your life is currently being played out.  You need someone who is going to keep you accountable and tell you the real truth of where your keeping yourself from moving forward. 

When you work with me...  

✔️You'll begin to harness your real power from within so you can feel confident and sure of yourself when making the important decisions.

✔️You’ll feel more in control of your day because you’re focused and clear.

✔️You'll own your authentic self and learn how to see your "problems" as the true gifts that they are.  Life will happen FOR you, instead of TO you.

✔️You’ll have people treat you with more respect because they’ll see you’re a leader. 

✔️You'll become a master at your emotions instead of being controlled by them. 

✔️You'll feel more freedom, more ease, and more excitement when you own this amazing life you've created. 

✔️You'll know exactly how to get what you want because you have the foundation set firmly in place.

I only take on 3-4 private clients at any one time, so that you are personally supported by me to create massive change and real results.  Thru a series of private 1:1 Zoom calls, worksheets, and email support throughout, we craft your personal plan to create more Passion in all areas of your life from your significant relationship to relating to your children in a new and profound way.  We dig deep to release those mindsets that have held you back from fully committing to the life you are ready to live on Purpose

*You must apply to be considered for this program.  If you feel like you're a good candidate, please fill out the application below.  Even if you’re curious, fill out the form and we will have a connection call to make sure we are a good fit.