You May Be A Social Media Addict

Are you a social Media addict?  If you are reading this, you're definitely a possible candidate.  The symptoms can lead to several things like FOMO, Comparisonitis, and many other Expectation Hangovers.   I mean, let's face it, everyone uses social media to facilitate some part of their life; whether it's catching up with old friends from your high school or college, spreading the news of your new business, sharing a photo of your kid losing their tooth or graduating from high school.  Or,  just to satisfy the voyeur in you.  It's rampant, it's in our face, and it never turns off. So let's see if your a social media addict:

Here are the 10 signs you'e a social media addict:

  1. You suffer from FOMO: (Fear of Missing Out)- I first heard this term 2 summers ago from my good friend, who, by the way, is the one who gave me this topic to blog about! Ha! I thought OMG, I've felt this, I know my husband has felt this, who doesn't ever feel this?? But, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat took this to a whole new level. It's feeling left out on steroids. I mean in the past, you may have heard about a party you missed or weren't invited to, but NOW you get pictures of all the fun to rub your nose in it. The laughing picture with all the gorgeous people who were there. The party drinks captured with a snazzy title to make you want to taste it. The feeling of "being outsider" is magnified by the millions.

  2. You check your phone the instant you get up. You just have to see what's been going on with your maybe 8 hours (probably more like 6 hrs. because you keep checking your phone!) that you haven't seen the latest post. I mean seriously if you're doing this. Just STOP! That and the dreadful, death-toll announcing news should not be the first thing to flood your senses. For god sake, just get a cup of coffee and listen to the birds!

  3. You "go to bed" looking at your phone and putting it on vibrate-only, instead of fully powering down. Uuuuhhh- this MAY be why you're having sleep issues...I don't know...just sayin'. Blue screen and all, reverberating in your brain waves all night long. HHmmmmm....Probably not a good thing!

  4. You literally cannot say anything with out #hashtag-ing it. You may even actually utter the phrase "hashtag blessed" on a permanent basis. In case your not sure that this is a problem: refer to Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's take on this. Youtube it-so funny! You'll know by the blushing on your face, if this is you!

  5. The thought of losing your phone brings on a panic attack. If you find that when you misplace your phone, you immediately start having a visceral reaction, i.e.. sweaty palms, heart palpitations, nervous laughter, or immense frustration as you panickly throw things around. A sense of desperation takes over at the thought of not having your appendage with you.

  6. You HAVE to have your phone next to you at every meal. You automatically take it out of your pocket or purse and throw it on the table next to you so you can see what pops up on your feed. You consistently get comments from your friends, family, and spouse that you always have it with you at meals.

  7. You must "capture" every moment and immediately post it on Instagram, Snapchat and/or Facebook. You literally have no idea what it means to just be in a moment anymore. You have to document it- every moment.

  8. You have wwwaayyyy too many pictures of food and drinks in your Photos. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Start now!

  9. You feel compelled to post that you had a gas pain and does anyone know what this means? If you're posting random thoughts as a means of connecting, it's really not the connection your craving, btw. Call your BFF instead and just vent. She'll probably be so happy to hear from you and will vent right back to you!

  10. You'd rather post something, than have an actual real live conversation. Ok, this is a big sign you've crossed over to the dark side. YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING! Sorry, yes it's true. You need actual human interaction. Have you heard of "failure to thrive" in infants. This is that. It's proven that humans need other human interaction in order to thrive. Go connect!

BONUS:  You have Comparisonitis. The real feeling of being a loser or not good enough because compared to "X" you don't have the perfectly windblown hair, or your teeth aren't white enough as hers, or your boyfriend or husband doesn't look like that (or wife, for that matter).  You literally find yourself muttering at someone else's posts.  Usually, not so nice things.  Which just breeds that negative self-talk. It's a freakin' gold-mine of material for your inner critic to latch on to, make you feel like shit, and get you all balled up in the corner of shame.  

Seriously, don't buy into it! It's that persons "best-version life" not their REAL life.  Not the screaming at their kids moment, or makeup smeared from last night because they forgot to wash their face because they got into a fight with their spouse.  It's not the period from hell post or the sweaty, stinky gym picture.  It's not the car stopped working and they pulled over on the highway picture.  It's just the highlight-reel, so stop giving it more credit than that.

If you resonate with any of these, it may be TIME FOR A SOCIAL BREAK! 

Yes, I said it. 

It's okay...breathe. 

Try to let go of your phone and force yourself to take a mental health break.  Maybe it's for dinner, every night.  OR you don't look at it the morning until you've worked out.  Either way, get away from it and let your brain just be.  You might find your special moment didn't get captured in a post, but rather you let all your senses take in that beautiful moment where your oldest child helped your youngest get their teeth brushed, or maybe you looked in your spouses eyes, I mean really looked in them, for the first time in years.

And it's ok if no one, but you, knows about it.  It more than counts!

Digest on that.

Keepin' it real,