What It Means to Be A Mom

I remember right before I became a Mom, hearing a quote from Heather Locklear where she said, “being a Mom is like walking around with your heart outside of you”.  It resonated with me, because I really didn’t know what she meant.  Love for me up to that point, had been a mixed bag of elation and turmoil, conditional and fleeting, extreme hurt and heart-pounding joy.  

Until that day, of course, I gave birth to my first son.  And instantly I knew what she was talking about.  The amount of love I felt for this little being, I was now holding in my arms, was indescribable love.  Because in an instant, I knew I would do anything and everything for this person.  I was newly vulnerable with this person, because the love had exposed me.  My love was unconditional times infinity.  It surpassed everyone around me, exploded all barriers,  and was never going to be matched by anyone! (of course, until I had my next 2 kids).  And push repeat. 

All of a sudden walking around with my heart outside of me was as familiar and normal as taking breath.  For me, the love I felt for my little humans was instant.  And the definition of love took on a whole new meaning.  All of a sudden there was a scope outside of just my needs that needed to be met.  And you learn and you grow alongside them.  The love never dies, and watching them grow into the human beings they will become with all the bumps, bruises, and scrapes along the way.  

It’s not to say there aren’t those “stages” that can be a challenge.  Like when my youngest didn’t sleep  thru the night for the first 18 months of his life!  Yeah, I wanted to pull my hair out or drop him off at the nearest hospital for the night, so they could figure out what was wrong with him. However, I learned a lot about my own strength because I didn’t die. I definitely have about 200 more gray hairs, though!  And it (the stage) wasn’t permanent- he did eventually sleep and now goes to sleep the quickest of my 3 kids!  Or that first first emergency trip to the hospital when the fear is so intense.  And you make it thru it and you get a little thicker skin for "the emergencies" in life. 

Being a Mom brings you so many more lessons than you even know you need!  It pushes you to grow, and if you allow it, to become a more expansive human being.  For your kids, you’ll become a better person.  And sometimes that’s what we need to become the best version of ourselves.  

A massive shout out to all the Moms, who live with their hearts outside of them. ❤️