The Feminine Divine Gift

The Feminine Divine Gift

I keep hearing people mention the feminine energy is making it’s way into the psyche of the world.  It sure does not seem like that if you watch the news, especially right now.  However, it’s apparent we need more of this energy to penetrate our world and help give perspective.  It’s the yin energy in Chinese medicine, which is to say the more reflective, introspective, and creative.  In Hinduism, the sanskrit word is Shakti (one my favorite words) and it means “power” or “empowerment” and "represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe.  Shakti is the concept or personification of divine feminine creative power”, according to Wikipedia. And how fortunate are we to have a choice…at all times…whether or not we want to invite this into our lives.  

I lived my life as a go-getter, success driven;  plan, act and do.  I just always knew how to do it…and yet looking back now I see this fabric had been spun for me.  Society has a loud message that you have to be goal & task-oriented.  Driven and overworked in order to appear successful.  But there is a balance to this.  When I started to turn inwards and get in touch with what that inner voice wanted to say, it was capable of so much more than what could only scratch the surface of the overdrive.  In my practice, I am constantly teaching the importance of balance and how we must make that a priority in our lives.  It’s the balance of work and play, of study and mindfulness, and exercise and relaxation.  The yin and yang, they need each other to exist and one cannot exist without the other.  So, it's not to say dump the baby out with the bath water.  But rather, how can you begin to integrate the feminine divine energy into your day, everyday.  What creativity will ignite because you listened to the silence.  In the silence, there is a wealth of knowledge just waiting for you to tap into.


Connecting to your inner world, thru journaling, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, all are forms that get you to remember that part of you.  The part you were born with that reminds you of your soul’s purpose.  Living a purposeful life creates an awareness to all your potential.  Creating a mindfulness practice can start the change of your life.  Awareness is the key to bring change.  Live on Purpose and see what you are really made of!  


I want to hear what you are doing to live on purpose!  Do you have a practice you do everyday that connects you inwards?  What are some tools you could share with others?  I love hearing from you!!  Use the comment section below.



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