Trust Your Gut...Most of the Time


Trust Your Gut...Most of the Time

I am a big proponent of trusting your gut, your intuition, your inner knowing.  I tell my kids all the time "you know that little voice that tells you maybe  you shouldn't be doing that right now"-pay attention to it!  Because that's the root of knowing who you are.  Learning to listen to that voice takes practice.  It takes a habit.  It takes learning how to identify what is going on in your world and whether or not it vibrates with the energy you are putting out into the world.  

But how do you know when it's your intuition or your story     behind what you think is going on?

I got to thinking about this and how you would learn to notice the difference.  How do you differentiate the two?  One makes your hair stand on end, or your stomach turn, or your shoulders tense.  In other words, you feel it in your body.  In my acupuncture practice, I've seen how messages are interpreted in the body and how that shows up in the physical plane.  Your body is like the physical armor that takes the first hit.  The first line of defense to the outside world.  Listen to it.  It's trying to send you messages.  When you have a physical response to the outside world, take a listen.  Maybe your vibrant self is telling you something.  

When you start making up a story about someone or something then you aren't using your intuition, but rather your mind.  This, my friends, takes a lot of practice and is frankly really hard to do in the moment.  But, the leading front on this usually looks something like, "oh, she was rude, or he totally did that on purpose!"  See, it's a story you made up about this incident.  And usually it has a nice long string attached to it.  You could just pull on that sucker and it would go on and on.  But really, it's just a story you created in your mind.  And if you really delve into the deep work, it may make you feel a certain emotion.  Unworthiness, not good enough, and unloved usually rear their ugly heads into this conversation.  Which is just not true!  You ARE so worthy of love and you ARE so loved everyday.  You are meant to be happy and feel love.  The universe wouldn't have it any other way!

So, Trust Your Gut, just make sure to...STOP...BREATHE...and check in with yourself first.  Get to know where that feeling is coming from.  

Namasté My Friends