Kindess Outwards Breeds Kindness Inwards

Kindness Outwards Breeds Kindness Inwards

Kindness Outwards Breeds Kindness Inwards

Consideration for others is worthwhile because our happiness is inextricably bound up with the happiness of others.
— His Holiness the Dalai Lama (May 2004), The Power of Kindness


The other day I had this amazing experience, I was in the grocery store and the cashier was all dressed up for the holidays.  She was so festive and fun!  She had her reindeer headband on and her “ugly” christmas sweater.  She was trying to get customers to buy a gift card from her…so she sheepishly asked if I would buy one.  I really didn’t want to.  But, I thought she was so festive I felt I had to participate in the spirit of it.  So I said, “Sure! Why not?”  She was so happy and thankful.  Her face lit up like a lightbulb and she chattered on about how she was so happy and appreciative because now her boss couldn’t get mad at her.  Which led to us conversing with the woman behind us, who also conceded to buying a gift card!  Well, she danced around and proudly announced to her co-worker she had 2 gift cards sold!! I left there feeling happy, excited, and energized from the exchange.  

Coincidentally, the next day Lady Gaga was featured on the Today Show (read more in the link) talking about how important kindness towards others is in our world.  And I could see how it had impacted her…how her kindness actually moved something inside of her.  

When we show kindness towards others, we are shifting the energy of the other person and ultimately ourselves.  It’s an exchange of energy that happens.  You give something towards someone else (the energy moves out) and then they receive it and take it (the energy moves in).  This energy gets moved around in their body and comes back out thru a thank you, a smile, or a little dance like the woman did for me.  Moving the energy back to me (the energy comes back in).  This is why it feels so good when you are kind to others.  Kindness Matters.

This is also why it’s so important to be a good receiver as well!  Taking the energy in from the gift of kindness almost has to happen in order for the energy to go back to the original person.  When you reject another’s offering of kindness be it a phone call,  a text, or a gift of some sort.  When you push it away, you push the energy back to that person.  But ,when you truly receive that energy and take it in, you are able to give some energy back out into the world.  Whether it’s a hello as you pass by someone in the line at Starbucks or helping to hold a door open and you receive by saying thank you.  When that energy has moved the other person, it then is reflected back to you.  You are then given an exchange of energy.  A gift of what happened to that person because of your kindness, comes back to you.  You moved that person in some way, you made their day, or their moment.  You affected them and you affected yourself.  This is why when you are kind to others you are actually being kind to yourself.  As it becomes more a part of your everyday life, you will ALSO show kindness to yourSELF.  If tasks don't get done, or things don't work out like you had planned...the kindness will show up for you. From you.  


 Kindness towards others is really a reflection of the kindness you have for yourself. ~My Empowered Bliss


Basically, showing kindness to others really does spread around.   It spreads around to the person you touched and all the people they know.  And it also spreads back to you helping you be just a little kinder to yourself.  


In kindness,

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