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5 Ways to Help Set Your Intentions for 2017

5 Ways to Help Set Your Intentions for 2017

5 Ways to Help Set Your Intentions for 2017


How many times have you set New Years goals, only to see them fail within the fist 10 days?  Ugh!! We’ve all been there and I know for me, many times over.  I would get frustrated with myself that I was incomplete in my tasks. I’d feel like a failure because I put the “set-up" there and then didn’t come thru.  Either the list was too long or I didn’t put the work into doing it.  

This past year has been the year of a lot of new beginnings for me, as well as letting go of a lot of garbage.  Literally and figuratively!  I set the intention  of making a website, launching it, and putting it out there to the world. It really forced me to come up against a lot of emotions I had about exposing myself, being vulnerable to such a big audience (hello Facebook!), and letting go of a lot of old baggage I didn’t even know I had underneath the rubble.  That Fear Dragon raised its head on more than one occasion this past year!  But I want to share with you, the things I learned along the way.  

  1.  Empty Your Shit!-  Ok, seriously, you must do this!  Pick one room to start and just do it.  Your closet, kitchen cabinets, desk space, junk drawer (if you need to start small), storage room (to know me, is to know this is no easy task 😜).  I took this so to heart and it made such a difference and I continue to use this at least 1x per month.  Clearing out the crap makes room for the energy to move around you.  For NEW energy to come into your life, once you have emptied.  Every time I started to feel stuck in some part of my desire & my dream, (to create a place where people could come to be inspired in their daily life aka: this website!) I would clean a place in my house.  And literally, every time, I would have a flood of energy come to me.  It would be like this empty space that needed to be filled up, but instead of being blocked and filled up by my crap, it could be filled up by something I wanted to create.

  2. Set your Intention for the year globally-  Write down in 1-3 words how you want to globally feel for 2017.  Make sure it is in alignemt with what you are trying to accomplish for the year. Examples are: Passionate, Openly Kind, Thoughtful, Successful, Fit & Strong.  Sit with yourself, get quiet, and think of how you want to feel for this next year.  (secret: it’s ok if you decide to change it later on 😉, you won’t get in trouble).   

  3. Write it Down- Get a productivity calendar/planner.  Pick a book or planner that truly expresses who you are.  When you see it, you get excited about it and want to open it up.  You may like plain and simple or decadent and sparkly.  But get it! And get it done now.  Here are some of my favorites:  PaperSource- Luxe Planner, Gold-Brush .  Good news too, most of these are 20%-25% off right now!  Yay for last minute!  Also, I tend to like ones that give me the flexibility to write in my own weeks.  You may want more guidance and therefore want the weeks and days planned out for you.   I usually write out my week on Sunday for the week to come.  Feel free to go digital if that’s your thing, but make sure to color code the different parts of your life. 

  4. Chunk it down - this is has literally saved me from being a mindless, aimless butterfly, which I can easily get distracted by Facebook, Instagram, emails, random shit and the next thing you know I am on some website, having no idea how I got there and am buying an essential oil that I really don’t need!! Ha! Ok this means literally, I write down blocks of time, when I will do my Creative Work (CW), Social Media Posts, check emails, and self-love managers(SLM).  My self-love managers are the things I do to make sure my Self-love is managed and included, daily.  I have my own list of things that fill me up, for example, my morning meditation, journal writing, acupuncture, reading an inspirational post from one of  my mentors, mani/pedis (because I feel pretty when I have polished toes and hands), massage, and yoga just to name a few.  I color code these different events so that I can quickly see if I have too much of one thing and not enough of the other.   As a guide:  Check and answer emails (9am and 2:30pm) for about 30 min. SLM-2-3x per day-always includes my meditation, and 1-2 other things that total about 15-20 minutes of my time.   **The thing about chunking it down that you will notice is that you will tend to be more productive because you know you have this allowed, FOCUSED, time to only do that 1 things you set out to do. 

  5. Do 3 month sprints- This is has been scientifically shown to get more productivity out of your life.  When  your mind has to focus on a long term goal that is so global and huge, it loses momentum.  But when you set it out in 3 months of managable time.  It’s less threatening and esoteric.  It’s doable and you are able to relate to the tasks at hand.  For example, if you are trying to lose 50 lbs. for the year it seems like a daunting task.  But if you break it down and realize, ok that works out to less than 1 lb per week- Hey!  That seems like something that you could easily tackle.  Apply this to all parts of your life: health, career, relationships, self-love managers, spirituality/inspiration, etc.

Getting behind these 5 ways will help you show up as a better person, team member, Mom, wife, partner, sister, and friend.  Go forth for 2017 in a way you never have!  I love hearing from you, so make sure to comment below and let me know what you think of these 5 tips.  Do you have any favorite tips for helping set your intentions for 2017? Please share them in the comments below, so we can all help each other!

I am so glad you are here and thank you for your comments! They light me up!