Stop Being SO Busy, and Get Your Glow Back!

Do you ever feel you're "so busy" you forget the little things that keep your glow alive?  The busy-ness has taken over our lives and made  it almost like a badge of honor and self-worth.  I mean, if you're not busy, what could you possibly do with yourself?! 

Just think about it, anytime you talk to ANYONE it seems the answer is how busy you are. 

"Hi How are you?" 

response: "Oh, I'm just SO busy!" 

"I know, me too!" 

Gone are the days of just saying "I'm bored" or days with nothing to do.  Our weekends, especially as parents, are filled with just as many to-do's as the work week.  Sometimes more! Between sports activities, birthday parties, adult parties, errands, etc. there is very little time for rest.  There is very little time for that space in between all the busy.  And the crazy thing is, the space is sometimes what we really need.   It's fine to have boredom, because sometimes out of boredom comes great ideas.  Sometimes out of stillness, growth happens.  There's times where we have to stop ourselves from becoming so busy we forget to take the physical "care" piece in self-care.  Sometimes taking off from the rush-rush you get to take care of yourself in other ways. Which gets to my point about getting your glow back.  

Sometimes the spiritual self-care piece has to be put on the back-burner for some good old fashioned          physical self-care. 

I remember the days when the kids were younger and just taking a shower was a feat.  I don't know about you, but the invention of Dry Shampoo is my favorite thing of all time.  When things get so hectic and crazy sometimes just taking a shower is an amazing feat I have to tackle.  So, doing a drive-by shower and spraying a little dry shampoo in the hair does wonders!  But having to cover up the grey is literally my least favorite thing to do!  I truly think sitting in the hair salon is a torture of my time...because I'm so busy 😉. SO, the other day I decided to take my Idea Log book with me and while I sat under the hot lamps I got creative.  I made it a space for creativty and actually got to enjoy it!  Another idea I thought of was to make it meditative, stick the earbuds in and listen to a taregeted guided meditation on your root chakra, you know, to get you grounded. 

Is your workout schedule slowly diminishing into 20-30 minutes a day?  

Move your body!  Something totally different.  Take up a Cycle class, if you've never tried it.  You'll challenge your body in a new way, which releases all kinds of crazy endorphins.  Which means you'll be feeling all kinds of goodness! 

Here's my favorite Local place: Core Cycle

 Or go dancing!  Find a place that playes your favorite music and make a night of it with the girls!  It's the best! That's like liquid gold right there, with your besties, good music-ahh I can hear it now.

My favorite DC place for that, plays different music on each floor. 70's, 80's, 90's, and current, you could dress up to your favorite floor and make it next level fun!  Check out Decades here.    I mean how cool is that??

Let someone rub you down!

Maybe your body is just screaming for some TLC and some action!  Go get a body scrub massage-where they literally rub you down like a car wash and scrub all those dead cells off your body.  Get your partner give you a foot massage or a shoulder massage.  Or a hot stone massage!  I just had a hot Himalayan Salt stone massage (who knew?) and I was completely rejuvenated afterwards.

We can't forget our connection with our bodies.  This physical house we reside in needs care and attention, just like our emotional and spiritual parts of us.  

Make sure to sign up for my free 14-day Mighty Mantras to help connect you back to your body, mind and spirit, right here. We cover it all!  

Yours in Glow,

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