My Top 3 Travel Tips

Going on a business trip for me is a new experience, one which I am learning to love. As I head out to Cali for a seminar I’m taking, I start imagining the many books I’ll read, the movies I’ll watch, the ideas that will pour out of me.  But, the truth is, that’s not really always the reality.  So, I focus on getting 1-2 things done while on my 5 1/2 hour plane ride. 

The hardest part, actually, is leaving my kids, especially my daughter whose latest comment was, “boy, we’re a real working family now!”  Yes it's true.  We were so hands-on, both my husband and I, that we have all had an adjustment to make. Not easy for the smaller peeps, either.  However, I keep reminding her that my love for her and her brothers grows even more when we miss each other.  And how important it is to pursue your dreams! So, back to my travel tips.

My top 3 tips for traveling:

  1. Have an objective for yourself.  If you have a personal task you haven’t gotten to,  take this "quiet time” (pending no outbreaks of fist fights on the plane 😉 )  to do something you normally wouldn’t ‘have time to do.  This shouldn't be work stuff, however!  Read that trashy novel or write in your journal that thing that’s been swimming around in your mind- quietly,....but not so quietly.  Take this time to be with just YOU.  Maybe you’ve been working your tail off and would just love to watch your latest Netflix show (Mozart in the Jungle!-which come to think of it may be on Amazon, but you get the idea.) Or, read these books I suggested for May, if you want some  other ideas.    
  2. Bring your aromatherapy bottle in your travel bag with you.  This serves a couple purposes.  First, if you have anxiety about traveling, this can help ease you.  Secondly, the smell might spread around and calm some of your fellow travelers.  Dab some on your wrists, behind your ears, and the sides of your nostrils.  It’s relaxing, calming, and the sense of smell is your strongest sense.  Use it in your favor.  Here’s a couple of my favorites.

3. Take the time to try out that meditation you’ve been wanting to do!  No one will know you’re meditating.  Put the headphones on, close your eyes, listen to the guidance or the music, whichever one you prefer and just take this time to chill.  When you have a block of time that you are forced to sit-use it wisely!  Make it a "me-time" situation- it’s not like you’ll be getting emails, text dings, or anyone else telling you they NEED something.  Take the time to do this during the take-off, you'll be so glad you did!

Pre-plan your designated quiet time. If you treated yourself to a little Me-time'll walk off the plane feeling like you got away with something.  And we could all use a little ME time.   

Take your wings and fly,


Speaking of Meditation...(cough, cough) Here's a Bonus download just for you!

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