3 Ways to Help Your Kids This School Year

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Starting the new school year for kids is both fun and exciting. You get to see your kids friends after months of maybe not seeing them in real life (IRL). The days of Snapchat and Tiktok make your kids feel like they never left their BFF for the summer. But, that's another post. You connect back in with the other Moms, the new teachers, and maybe see friends you haven't had a chance to see during the summer months. It all can be overwhelming, but with a tinge of newness and excitement.

And at the same time, you know that the new school year signifies waking up early, starting the relentless school schedule of studying, sports, and all the after school activities. It starts off in full swing so it can almost feel like it takes over the whole family dynamic. So I came up with a fun activity I do with my kids is to look over the new school year and set the intention with them for what they want this new school year to look like. Just like you do at the beginning of the year or even midway. It’s a good habit to start so that they learn the importance of taking ownership of their world.

3 Ways to Set the Intentions for the new School year.

1. Set your Overall Intention- this means what is the general feeling theme you would like to accomplish for the year. Meaning, how would you like to feel about this year in particular. Do you want to feel successful, accomplished? Did you push yourself out of your comfort zone? Did you try new things that last year would've been scary or not cool? In other words, what is the overall vibe you would like to feel for the school year?

2. Set 3 S.M.A.R.T. goals- This is the best way to set any goal you may have because it's a way to make you accountable to yourself. It stands for Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. This would look like:

Get on the honor roll, make the varsity soccer team, try a new Fall sport that I've never tried, make at least 1 new friend with someone that is new to the school.

These are goals that you can apply in all 5 aspects of the s.m.a.r.t. goals. They make you accountable and you can track it in real-time making them more attainable in a short time.

And finally…

3. Futurecast your school year. This is all about creating the vision of what you want to see happen. Futurecasting is a picture you create in your mind about yourself in a specific situation or environment. This would be something like I see myself working thru my junior year with ease and flow. I discover the perfect college for me to go to when I graduate. I leave middle school feeling like I am a leader with my peers. I see myself with a new friend group that gets me totally! It's really powerful when you can picture yourself in your mind’s eye in a new way. It opens up new doors in your mind to a new possibility.

The new school year can bring up all kinds of emotions and fears that maybe weren't expressed during the lazy days of the summer months, so this is a way to bring those to the surface. By bringing them to the surface in a more aware and conscious way, it allows your kids to process it out with you, instead of by themselves. When kids feel anxiety or stress, it’s usually internalized or expressed in a way that may not be clear for a parent to decipher. This exercise engages your kid to speak freely, where emotions may be revealed that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. It's a perfect way to open up the conversation to a new school year.

Hoping you and your children’s school year gets off to an exciting and productive start!

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