3 Books You Should Be Reading for Summer 2019

I love to read.  Reading about new ideas, ways to reprogram your thoughts and beliefs, how to navigate the world of online marketing, how to run a business like a leader, these are my go-to's.  I drink this stuff in and totally nerd out on it.  

But in the summer months, I take a mental break.  I focus on freedom and just letting someone else carry me away in their world.  I don't have to think about anything.  I don't have to do the heavy lifting and I can get lost in a fantasy.  I usually pick one really GOOD beachy novel.   You know the one where you're reading about someone's vacation home in Nantucket or somewhere in Italy and there's a really good romance that starts in the middle of it.  And I also love me a good mystery, whose-dunit type.  Like Girl On The Train or something a little twisted, but good. But mostly my intention is to get lost in a story about someone else's life.  I love using my imagination throughout a good book and massaging that muscle.  I wait until we hit our beach town then stop at the local bookstore.  Every year, the kids pick out their summer reads and I usually go crazy and buy at least 5-8 for the summer.  I love the whole process of touching the books, looking at the cover, reading the back and seeing what speaks to me. I really allow myself to enjoy the whole process of picking the perfect summer read.

Here are my picks for Summer 2019 and

the 3 books you should be reading:

The Storytellers Secret is one that I'm super excited to read!  A friend recommended this and said it was amazing!  It takes you on a trip to India and since I want to travel to India one day, this will help prep my senses for the trip on my bucket list.   It's also appealing because of its strength of female characters and how our grandmothers help shape us, when we know their story.  It's the shoulders we stand on to stand tall in our own life. Doing the work I do, this immediate spoke to me. It’s appealing because of the background of India, but the ancestral piece and how that builds the present picture for the main character.


This next book, Little Fires Everywhere totally piqued my interest because it's sort of a mystery and sort of a thriller.  It's about the secrets people try to hold onto and hide, so they can act as if they have this perfect life.  I love these kind of books because of the transformations the characters will inevitably have to experience.  I love seeing where they are at the beginning to who they get to be at the end.  The excerpt on the back also explains it as the ferocious pull of motherhood, which of course spoke to the Mamma bear in me.  I am so looking forward to sitting in my beach chair, under the umbrella with this one.  

Plus it's on Reese Witherspoon's Book Club List, so I know it'll be a good one.  Oh and it's eventually going to be a Hulu series, so read it before it becomes a show to watch, it'll deepen your understanding of the book.  


And finally my last pick is The Rules of Magic which has been on my shelf since last summer.  I absolutely love anything by Alice Hoffman (think Practical Magic, The Marriage of Opposites, The Dove Keepers- literally one of my life time favorites).  I love anything "witchy" that brings the magic into life and Alice Hoffman always has a brilliant way of making sure that happens.  This one is about a love curse on a family that started in the 1600's and follows the family lineage to the 1960's.  It's about a woman with 3 children and their unique gifts who navigate all the rules of magic.  It also happens to be the prequel to Practical Magic, which I loved.  It was made into a movie with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock- if you love stories about magic and sisters then check that out.  I never knew there was a brother so I'm curious to see where this story takes me.  I’m also curious to read about what it must have been like for the mother to raise children with these unique gifts.


Take the time to feel into which one speaks to you the most and which one will take you on a journey to escape your life for a day or two. Enjoy the whole process of indulging yourself in picking out a good read. If you can, go to your local bookstore and spend some time getting to know what you like. It’s always fun to see where you can go and if it will impact your life in some small way.

Let me know what you think of these books!

Reading with you,

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