3 Takeaways From a Mastermind Retreat

My Top 3 Takeaways From Doing A Mastermind + How You Can Work With Me One-On-One

You may have heard about Masterminds or may be wondering if this is something only science nerds do!  I recently came back from a Mastermind and was really blown away with how connecting with other powerful women was so abundantly supportive to my inner growth.  It tapped into a deep part of my soul, so that I could come back home feeling more centered for my family and more passionate about my work.

Also, I wanted you to know how you could work with me privately, if you’ve been curious.  

For my 1:1 clients,  I only open THREE slots per quarter so that my attention and focus is super specific for you.  There is currently only ONE slot left for Q1.

I’m also launching my Beta Group program, Align & Empower, which is launching in 2 weeks with only 8 seats left!  This is super exciting because it brings together the community aspect, which I know will create such a bond with the women I am personally choosing for this.


1:00 | How you can work with me & more about the group coaching program.

5:10 | How everyone from the mastermind came together to support each other and hold each other accountable.

6:30 | Why community is integral to your success.

7:00 | The importance of investing in yourself.

8:35 | It’s all about manifesting what you want and creating your ideal life.

Final Thoughts: It all comes down to: creating a community, taking the time to invest in yourself, and how women are just absolutely incredibly badass!

Let me know how are YOU investing in yourself and in your business for 2019?


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