Purging to Be More Spiritually Minded

It's that time of year again, where Summer is coming to a close and the nip of Fall has touched our senses.  You can feel the hints of the cool air as you step outside in the morning, while still having a warm Summer afternoon.  It's definitely changing. 

In Chinese medicine, the Fall time is all about "letting go".  Actually "taking in" what inspires you and then "letting go"~ meaning you take in what you are grateful for, what is precious to you, what is special to you and you let go of all the crap you no longer need in your life.  

I recently cleaned up my office, dumped a bunch of old papers, organized my notes and papers where I write down all my downloads and insights to share with you.  I bought an awesome recording desk at Target for my Youtube Channel and new shelving.  The kids clothes and toys are being collected and sifted through so they can be consigned or donated. You get the idea! 

In the astrological calendar, it's Virgo season. The very organized and detail oriented person in your life has entered their time.  It's all about decluttering and organizing.  Cutting out all the crap.  The emotional dead weight, the low-vibe people, the waste of time mindless activities that don't serve you, eating up your day.  Anything that doesn't light you up from within should be dropped and deleted out of your life.  Basically if it doesn't fill you with radical joy, then you can forget it!

So, I wanted to give you some of my best ideas of:

What to Keep and What to Let Go Of


1.  Take a look around you and see what you DO HAVE.  This is the art of Being Grateful.  The Universe is always conspiring to help you(not hurt you).  The Universe always wants you to have your desires and needs met, but it can't do that if you're in a low vibe and seeing all that you don't have.  Because you have a lot, I'm sure.  If you're reading this blog, it means you have a computer,  which means you have electricity, which means you have running water.   That's basic stuff...and guess what you're reading a blog that is trying to inspire and motivate you to learn a better way of living your life.  These are blessings and I'm sure there are many more. 

Write a list now and see what you do have. 

2.  Purge what is no longer working for you.  If you need to create a Magnificent Morning routine because you spend too much time surfing the web and poking your nose in other people's business try my Self-care Checklist.  It's actually way more than a checklist.  It's an inquiry into how you can redefine your Self-Care Routine.  I provide you with some questions to get you to think a little deeper into how YOU can create a better self-care routine that is outside the scope of a mani/pedi (although those are great too!)

Get rid of the habits that are keeping you playing small and feeling like crap about yourSelf.  Purge the self-judgments, the guilt, the shame, and start doing what makes you fall in love with YOU. If something isn't bringing you joy or lighting you up from within then it ain't for you!!

Download the Self-Care Checklist here.

3.  Get Organized!  There is nothing more exhilarating than having your stuff SO organized that there is space to move and grow.  If you have piles of papers, trash in your car, and a cluttered living area, your unable to create from that space- even if you don't realize it.  And I'm not just talking physically.  I'm speaking to your Emotional and Spiritual being.  If your space is physically cluttered with too much stuff, you can really never feel FREE.  Energetically that is weighing you down and preventing you from having inspired ideas, creative action, and feeling in the Flow. 

Do you know where your cords to your phone are vs. your computer plug?  Can you find that blog post you love (like this one!;)) that you want to share with your friends?  Use the Virgo time of the year (now) to help you out. 

Every year (2X per year) I do a major decluttering project and the Fall one always feels the best to me because I'm working with the energy and am aligning my spirit with what already exists out there, so I don't have to work as hard at it.  It requires very little of me to get moving when you are aligned with the universal Source energy that is already present. 

4.  Add one thing to your spiritual practice- The reason this is so important to yourself right now, is you need to be hearing what's going on inside of you.  What does your inner voice want you to know and hear?   If you're not mediating start doing it! I get great feedback from my quickie Manifestation Meditation or search one on Youtube or Soundcloud.com

If you want to get a Gratitude Practice going it's easy!

Write down 3-5 things you are grateful for each day and then my bonus:

Add 2-3 things the Universe gets to work WITH you on.  In other words, you get to say how you want the help from the Universe.  It's really quite interesting to see what comes up when you know you have such a powerful source helping you. 

As you develop a routine and a process for purging your stuff, you will notice a sense of freedom and ease in your body, your mind, and your spirit.  See what comes through for you when the physical space clears and your spiritual mind gets to speak to you.  

I hope this gets your juices flowing and you come up with some of your own ideas!!

You can let me know personally, by replying in the comments below or shoot me an email. 


Yours In Bliss,