3 Hacks to Get Out of a Negative Spiral

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3 Hacks to Get Out of a Negative Spiral 

Do you ever have one of those days (hopefully not weeks) where nothing you do seems to work for you?  You try one road and you get the door slammed in your face.  And because you’re a tenacious person, you keep moving forward and try another avenue.  But still the same thing happens, you get no traction.  So you keep trying, but no one seems to notice all your efforts to get ahead or do more.  Whether it’s your job, your “fresh new attitude”, or just trying to create momentum in your business, all your efforts don't seem to have much return.  “The wind is knocked out of your sails", you feel dejected, and basically like nothing you are doing is working. 

Sucks, right?  

We’ve all been there.  It freakin’ stinks like the poop emoji when you’re in that space.  💩 Because your intentions are good...great in fact!  And you were just kinda minding your own business trying to be a better woman, a better boss, a better Mom, or just a better person.  But there wasn’t any palpable reward for how much you were putting into this.  You look back at all your efforts and realize you've got "nothing" to show for it!

So what can we do about it?

You could wallow in self-pity and hop on the victimhood train, feeling mightily justified because you have actual evidence.  That is a choice you could make.  Sometimes it feels effortless to get on this ride.  It really does.  But, you never feel better about yourself in the long run, so let's move on.

Here are 3 things absolutely necessary to get you from funk town and back into being the boss of your life.

1. Own It

Own it!  Own your crappy headspace you’ve found yourself in. Yup, you read that right.  Just surrender to the yucky place you are in.  Sometimes trying to get yourself out of that mental spiral of feeling down or beaten up actually makes it worse.  Which means you just have to own the fact that this is where you are at- right now.  You feel like crap and that’s just that!  It's not permanent.  Believe it or not, this isn’t a reverse psychology thing.  It’s a surrender to a where-you-are-at thing.  When we surrender to that place, whatever it currently looks like for you and not fight it, it actually is allowed to come up and out of your body.  This happens on an energetic level because the more resistance you give it, you are actually giving the feeling of yuck more power.  You are allowing it to grow into a huge fester ball.  But instead, if you were to just acknowledge, announce, and declare:  "I’m in a mental spiral and I'm feeling like crap.”  You give into the emotion and it can stop gaining power by your desire to fight or change it.  There’s no energy being given to it, rather it’s allowed to do what’s supposed to, which is to move thru you and out of you.

2.  What's The Trigger?

Notice Where You're Being Triggered.  Once you own it, see what’s coming up for you.  What’s the genesis of it?  Is it because it reminds of you of that one time in high school you studied for a test really hard, got an A, and your parents barely acknowledged the tremendous amount of effort you had put into it?  Or maybe you are so used to getting what you want quickly, that you’re just feeling impatient with how long your success is taking?  What is the upset about for you?  Where are the feelings residing inside of you?  Name the emotional place it’s coming from and write it down.  This has probably come up in the past and this is an opportunity!  Yes!  It’s the opportunity to see what still hasn’t been resolved for you.  It’s the opportunity to see how far you’ve come with this trigger   or not.  Once you get to the nucleus of the  WHY you feel this way you'll be in an empowered position. How? (read step 3)

3. Is It True?

Now ask yourself: Is This True?  Processing out the genesis of it gets you to a place to be able to see where it took root.  To which you can now say, is this still true for me?  Is it necessary for your current reality?  Is it your vibe?  Is this really the vibe you want to attract and be in? If you can answer no to any of these questions, you will begin to release this funk up and out of you.  Most of the time, this is going to hit some of your limiting beliefs.  It may even hit all of them at the same time.  Take the time to see where it comes from so you can decide if you want to keep this one.  Because once you decide it's no longer true for you, you will begin to "let go" of this crappy day.  You will know and be able to decide if you need to spend any more energy on it or if you can release it from your energy.  

Because you are human, you will have emotions that can come up that don’t look so positive and enlightened all the time.  You will have days you feel like crap about yourself.  You will have days nothing seems to go right for you.  And that’s being in the human experience.  

And as humans, we have the gift of choice.  To choose whether this occupies our whole existence or just a moment, a blip in time.  It’s what you choose to do about it that shows your true character and grit.   

The more and more you practice this, the quicker you can move this energy up and out of you.   The more it WON”T ruin your whole week, but may only last half a day or a few hours.  

Yours in this journey with you,

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