Empowered Bliss: The Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Empowered Bliss: The Valentine's Day Gift Guide

When I was younger, Valentine's Day meant chocolate and roses from whomever I was dating at that time.  I was excited to get it especially since it was 5 days before my birthday, so it was an extra special week for me.  Now, it's about sharing my love for my kids and the life my husband and I have co-created.  I put together some of my favorite things that are a little outside of the typical box and do a great job in saying you're special to me. 

  1.  The Love Notes Jar: How cute is this idea?!  You can find it at Paper Source (one of my favorite stores to go crazy in) and you can either fill it with notes about how you feel about your significant other or for your children when they need a reminder of how special they are.  OR you could fill it for yourself and use it as a reminder of all the things you LOVE about yourself! (yeah, see what I did there? ;) ).
  2. Rosé All Day Gummy Bears:  Yum, my favorite!! Leave it to Sugarfina to come up with these little treats.  These are so yummy I just had to share with you.  They have a good flavor of rosé, but without the alcohol taste. And they come in a cute little box!!  What's not to love!
  3. An Inspired Life Journal:  This is actually for you or your bestie.  This journal has great little prompts for you to shower some gratitude on your life as well as inspire you to do more with it.  You may need to buy 2 of these! 
  4. Bento Box of Sugarfina: Do you think maybe I'm a little obsessed? Maybe, but this bento box is the best because you can fill it with whatever you would like.  And there's tons of options to choose from!  Sugar lips to caramel chocolates. Enjoy!

I wanted to make this short and sweet to give you some quick ideas in case you were stuck.  Hopefully, this helps and let me know how you made out!

With passion,

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