4 Ways to Stay Inspired After An Inspiring Event

4 Ways to Stay Inspired

After An Inspiring Event

Have you ever gone to conference or an event where you get totally inspired and injected with excitement with all the possibilities your life?  Think Tony Robbins or Lewis Howes. (read my post about The Summit of Greatness) 

As a coach, I get to be around these events a lot.  I constantly learn new ways of seeing my world. I hear interesting and fascinating stories of people coming from nothing and getting PhD’s or becoming a world-wide inspirational speaker.  This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited by my good friend, Stephanie Kwong, who is a powerhouse in her own right. She has an amazing Podcast, Rise Higher, where she gets to interview stellar life players who share their story of struggle to triumph.  (My favs are Alexi Panos and Garrain Jones.)

At the Summit of Greatness, (make sure to check out the video, I'm in there for about .01 seconds!) I heard speaker after speaker present their viewpoint and their unique version of how they created the exceptional life they were living.  It was moving, tear jerking, laugh out loud funny, and pulled at my heart and soul strings.  The takeaways and words of wisdom totally entered every fabric of my being.  But not only that, it was incredible to be around a group of people who are all up to something impactful, whether it's a new online business to help more women entrepreneurs or the fitness instructor who wanted to make stretching the body go viral.  The people it attracted all wanted to do good, in some form, for the world- even if it was only in their small arena.   It was an experience I will mark in my memory.  I left feeling immersed and flooded with inspirational guidance. 

And then I came home. 

“We often overestimate what we can do in a day, and underestimate what we can do in a year.” 
— ~Tim Ferris

And here's where most people have "the let down".  They leave these events feeling so "high", positive, and full of life's potential.  However, they don't have the tools to assimilate and process all that they took in.  People leave these events thinking they're going to make a complete overhaul in their life. They create a grand scheme of all the things they’re going to do i.e. "I'm going to drop 50 lbs., build my million dollar business, and find the love of my life in the next 30 days!!  And then it doesn't happen.  Actually almost nothing happens or changes.  It’s the illusion we create and then feel let down when it doesn’t happen.

Because I have done these type of events or trainings for years, I knew this phase of the process.  Because it is just that- a process.  I took my 55 min. plane ride home to write in my journal.  I wrote down everything that bubbled up from the summit and onto paper.  Then, I made a plan on what would transpire for me, what changes I would make, and how that would look.  I landed feeling grounded in my experience, confident that I had what it would take for me to do what it is I say I would, and energized to be with my family. 

How do you process these type of events so that you actually walk away feeling and knowing the impact it had on you?

Keep reading, ‘ cuz I gotcha!

4 Ways to Stay Inspired After an Inspiring Event.

  1. Realize their humanness-  When listening to these speakers, try not to idolize them or put them up on a pedestal.  They are the same as you.  You are the same as them.  There is no difference, except their journey took them down a path that led to where they are currently.  The "end point" you are seeing is just that- it is the end point in that specific moment in time.  It could change for them, as it changes for you.  You didn't see the blood, sweat, and tears to get to that point.  You didn't see the nights of feeling like a "failure" or where they took a "wrong" turn.  What you ARE seeing is how they turned it around.  You only see how they turned the obstacle into their dreams. They chose to see it only as an obstacle- NOT a failure.  You, too, have that choice to make a different path for yourself. They are human- just like you!

  2. Get your nuggets of wisdom and write them down.  When you hear something that speaks to you in that moment, write it down.  Make note of it.  These are the things you were meant to hear in that moment in time.  If you "missed" something, it just wasn't meant for you to hear it at that time. Get the juicy pieces and hold them close.  They will serve you at some point.

  3. Let the experience wash over you.  Don't think you have to take every single note, every single word.  It's the immersion of an experience that will benefit you the most.  If you allow yourself to be present, in the moment, you will absorb what you need to.  Don't discount the visceral response you can have- it's actually your body's way of absorbing it on a physical level.  All your senses are working here and this is just as important as your mind. Give yourself the gift of the present moment.

  4. Allow yourself the Process- when you get home, read your nugget notes and process it out.  Journal how it made you feel, how that wisdom could be applied in your life.  In its current picture, how can you benefit from this experience?  Then, take action.  BUT, take small steps.  For ex. if you realized and got a hit ( a soul whisper) that you need to quit  your 9 to 5, you may not want to do it on Monday! However, a better question for yourself is how can you take mirco-action steps towards that new dream?  What would you need to have in place first? How can you work towards that goal for the next 30, 60, then 90 days?  Doing this integrates the experience in a whole other way.   You will look back and say, wow at that event is when I had my first a-ha, my first hint of my soul's mission. 

Inspiring events, speaking engagements, or summits are really only GREAT if you use the information you were given to propel your life in some way.  And that doesn't happen just by hearing it, but by processing it.  Digesting the experience and then taking action on it.  You can't just be a consumer, but a participant.  Are you just sitting back, wondering why you’re feeling “low”? You have to integrate the experience on every level of your body, mind, and soul. You have to take action, small action steps so you can build a strong foundation from there.  

Next time you are lucky enough to be a part of an experience like this, take these steps with you and I know you’ll have a truly transformational experience!

Inspiring you,

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