3 Books You Should Be Reading for 2018

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Whether you read on a Kindle or an iPad, it doesn't matter.  For the most part, I truly enjoy the feeling of touching the pages and holding a book in my hands.  I was recently asked by a good friend, do you really read all those books?  And the truth is, I read about 85-95% of the books.  I tend to skim over parts that aren't resonating with me in that moment.  But, that doesn't mean I won't hit them up later at some point when I feel called to that book again.  I get the meat of the book within the first couple of days and if it's really hitting home for me, I invest a night or two to really absorb it.  I'm also a fast reader, so that does help.  

Book #1:

One book I'm truly loving for transformational work is by my teacher davidji, (And no that's not a spelling error, that's how his name is spelled.)  Sacred Powers.  He goes into a deep dive of your soul and helps you through a guided process on how to peel the layers that have been holding you back from being in your own power.  It's rich with knowledge, stories, and divine intelligence that you will absolutely transform your life from.   You know I love this!! 😉  

Book #2

The second one is Judgement Detox, by Gabby Berstein.  I recently attended her book launch in NYC and heard her speak on this.  If you saw my Instagram Stories I told you how I really had some good takeaways.  1: Don't judge the judgments and 2: Bring your shadows to the light.   Again, rich with a system to help you uncover where your judgments of others and YOUrself lies.  And then how you can release them to live a better life. 

Book #3

And the Awakened Family by Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D.  So, I really feel like the jewels laid out in this book are so numerous that this is a book you have to come back to again and again.  Especially when crafting and curating "how to be a good parent".  There is a lot of new information that some people may have a hard time hearing or accepting.  But, I feel like she cracks open the doors on the whole child-centric parenting that may not always be the best option.  It's something that my generation definitely has had to face.  In the tidal wave of entitled children, it's refreshing to read how we have played a part in that whole game and what we can do about it. 

This is a massive list for transformation!  If you're ready to take part in making 2018 a WOW year for yourself than these books will definitely set some jet fuel on that resolution! And hopefully get your wheels turning in a whole new way.  

Here's to a new year, new you!

Yours in gratitude 💜,

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