How I Fell Off the Wagon!

How I Fell Off The Wagon

I have to admit it, I fell off the wagon recently.  I fell off my spiritual wagon and before I knew it, life was happening to me instead of for me.  It all started when we went on Spring Break.  I started out great, was doing my morning ritual of meditating, writing out some thoughts.  But, that only lasted the first 36 hours we were there.  We were having such a great time with good friends that our days were surrounded around getting out to ski, as early as possible. So, the first thing to drop, of course, was the one the thing that shouldn’t have!  Then, followed by a bladder infection (yes, ow!) which put me down for about 6 days.  And the next thing you know, almost 2 weeks had gone by and my morning routine was shot.

I learned some valuable insights, though, that I thought I would share.  First, and always, foremost:  my self-care is so instrumental in creating alignment with my happiness.  I noticed I started snapping more, and feeling more overwhelmed, and resentful.  It took journaling and checking in with myself to remember, shit!  I had forgotten to take that 15-20 minutes for me, in the morning.  

It was such reminder, that even though I am always trying to convey the importance of how and why we should be in alignment with the universe (and it’s my daily ambition), we all get side-lined.  Life happens.  Except that when it’s day after day, that life happens to us instead of FOR US- feelings of overwhelm, depression, anxiety, or just plain unhappy, can creep in and take up permanent residence before we even realize it! 

I also realized, my commitment to myself has to override the other commitments I may make along the way.  In other words, I have to remember the bigger picture of how I choose to live my life.  If that's not sorted into my day, I start to feel a little off.  I start to feel like something isn't right.  That connection to feeling aligned with my higher purpose gives me the stability for life to happen FOR me. 

I also seriously realized, I had to connect back with my community.  Having a group I can call onto and remind me of my why.  Having people, like I have with The Bliss Tribe and the other "high-vibe"  people in my life, are a constant reminder, as to why I am  passionate about helping others remain on their path.  I checked in with those friends, who reminded me, I wasn't sticking to my daily rituals.  It's all cyclical, and I love when life comes back around to give me another level of reminding.  Or, otherwise known as, a big kick in the ass.  Ok, message received! 💜

Yours in Self-love,



P.S.  Let me know the things you do to create the stability and connection in your life.  I would love to hear, in the comments, how you are committed to your SELF-Love. 

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