International Women's Day: Expressing the Feminine

International Women's Day: Expressing the Feminine

Being a Mom of two boys, and of course my daughter I thought it was important to share my thoughts about this “new” celebration.   I love that all 3 of my children know about today.  We are in celebration of the feminine and this is a reminder for us women to not forgo our gifts, our skills and our uniqueness.   

I know that the thought today is to remind everyone what the world would be without women, especially in the workforce.  However,  I have a differencing of opinion, in that we actually celebrate the feminine.  Even the “feminine” that men/boys can show.  I know having 2 boys that are sensitive, empathetic to others, and generally huge hearted usually goes under the “female” descriptives.  But hey, let’s revisit that tired, old language and actually celebrate it!  Let’s celebrate the men and boys today, too, who are in touch with their “feminist” inside them.  I know many men who support the women in their work, not just emotionally, but who  pick up the slack with the families.   Those men who are willing to let the traditional masks of “maleness” go and be with their children, cook meals, etc.  They are the ones who stand beside us women, in the face of our adversity, the face of our prejudices & take a stand FOR us by showing up with us.  

Also, let’s celebrate the “feminine” face of being in the workforce and the fact that it isn’t nor should it look like a mans description of success.  I know that I am a go-getter and a task oriented person, but it doesn’t have the same appearance of how maybe a male may “do assertive”.  I want to keep my feminine qualities of go-getting the way I see it should look.  For example,  by having my team be a cohesive unit that has a  "built-in” family feel because that’s how I work…more feminine.  I don’t need to be in competition with another person (male or female) because energy is abundant and never ending.  See? More “feminine” energy.  I remember the commercial (and I’m seriously showing my age here…eeks!) where the Mom comes home singing “I can bring home the bacon…fry it up in a pan”.  She was wearing a polyester pant suit and I always remember thinking, why is she dressed like a man?  You don’t need to be dressed like a man-literally & figuratively to have the version of success or power you want as a woman.  Rather, we should be celebrating our version of success and fulfillment with our feminine qualities of cohesiveness, embracing, nurturing and see it for what it is-powerful.  Powerful in it’s own right.  These are ways we, as women, just are and should be celebrated. 

So celebrate your International Women's Day, by not excluding, but INcluding the many faceted version of "femaleness".   Enjoy today!