How to Have Your Own Spring Fling

How to Have Your Own Spring Fling

I always know when spring is coming.  Not because of the weather report on the news, or because of the calendar.  But because of the buds on the trees and the crocuses peaking thru the ground.  And it’s at a different “time of the year”, depending on how rough the winter was.  This past winter was pretty mild and unfortunately we did not get any of those types of snow storms where you hunker down, make a warm, toasty meal, grab a nice deep bottle of red wine and watch movies with the kids.  Those are the gifts winter can bring.  But Spring, well that’s a whole other ball of wax!  

In Chinese medicine, the energy of the Spring is that thing that gets you up just a little earlier in the morning.  It’s the excitement that something new is brewing.  That the bluebirds are coming back and starting to nest in their seasonal home in my backyard.  Yeah, so you know those seeds that you planted this past winter?  Those are starting to push up and push thru the earth.  You may notice your sleep is getting disturbed.  Maybe having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.  It’s an edgy kind of energy that wants to get up, love all around, stake a claim and get moving!   Get your own fling on by harnessing this energy and use it for good, for yourSELF.  

Here’s my top 3 shifts to make and have your own Spring Fling.


  • Ok , you’ve heard me say before but I’m going to say it again.  Declutter!!  This is SSSSUUUUCCCCCHHHHHH a good time to clean some part of your life out!  Can you tell I get excited about this??? Ha! Ok and so not to overwhelm you, but this is so crucial to moving the energy in your life.  Just pick one room.  It could be your bathroom, your home office, your work office, your car (I live with a car neat freak, so I’m not allowed to get too dirty in the car, but I know some people could use a vacuum a couple times a week), your storage room (my achilles heel), or even a book shelf!  But just pick one and DO it!  You will feel like you just took an energetic dump and it will feel oh, so good! 


  • Pick one thing physically to change about yourself.  Sometimes just looking at a new haircut, new hair color, new hair style, a new colored lipstick can shift you.  And you can feel it!  Or maybe you wear a color you say you never wear.  You see your reflection in the mirror and you see yourself as different than your norm and bam! You can shift just a little…oh and make sure to smile at yourself and tell yourself you’re beautiful…cuz it’s true!


  • Go do something good for someone.  I just love this one and I try and do it a couple times a week.  Just do something nice for someone-just because.     Be-the-Cause that made someone smile today.  

 And don’t expect a thing in return.  This can look like buying the person behind  you in the Starbucks line a cup of coffee.  Or the Mom who is totally stressed out with her kid in the grocery line and you talk to her kid to give her some time to get her stuff up on the belt.  Or you let some waiter/waitress know how much you appreciated their thoughtful service.  It can be free or just a little offering. Either way it's a win-win! 

I hope you find these helpful and give you that little boost of inspiration to make the most of your Spring Fling!!  If you did, comment below and let me hear your thing.Make sure to forward this to one of your besties who may need to be reminded of their Spring Fling.  Send a little love their way, I'm sure they'd appreciate it! 🌼

Vibe-ing your fling,


P.S. Make sure to forward this to one of your besties who may need to be reminded of their Spring Fling.  Send a little love their way, I'm sure they'd appreciate it! 🌼