The Self-Care Revolution

“How you show up for small things, is how you show up for everything”

This being February, I thought it was pertinent to bring up the topic of Self-care, which is really to say Self-Love.  How we show up for loving yourSelf is how you show up for love.  Do you push it in the back of the corner, or move it aside as soon as someone else needs something?  Are your needs first or last? Maybe you don’t feel Love because you aren’t really Loving to your Self. Being a mother of 3 children, I know you can easily put your needs on the back burner, because here are 3 young souls who need your assistance.  I get it!  But, you can do it in a non-selfish way that not only opens you to love, but actually empowers and strengthens you. 

Here’s a Challenge:  What 1 thing are you willing to do differently for the month of February that Empowers your Self-Care?  

Be open to just changing one part of what you do in the morning.  If it’s not possible to get up earlier, because the thought of that alarm clock going off any earlier may make your ears explode, than do it in the car ride to work. After carpool with the kids.  Right before you hop in line at Starbucks.  But just change one thing that is just for you!  

You may want to make a green smoothie (some of you may be saying, what is even in that?) Actually, here’s my recipe I make:  

My glo-ing Green Smoothie

You’ll be loving that your making a healthy choice for your hot new Bod you’re trying to shape up.  

Another idea: Call that person you’ve been wanting to see and make a lunch plan!  You’ll connect with a friend, you’ll have some interaction and you’ll feel happy.  I see too many women and men, for that matter, who stand on invitation or “hide” in their daily to-do’s and don’t make the effort to reach out. And then they wonder why they feel loneliness.  

Your life is how you create it.  Don’t stand on the sidelines and wait for it to happen TO you, but rather it happens BECAUSE of you.

Create some stillness in your life and start meditating.  I know, you’ve heard me say it before, but guess what? I’m going to keep saying it because the shit works! And just for more knowledge check out what a Harvard Study just found out. Oh yeah, that’s right, even Harvard is realizing there’s more to this stuff than just woo-woo, lighting incense and sitting in lotus position.  Read Here!  I’ll surmise for you, basically they are finding that your gray-matter (which normally shrinks, as we age) is actually increasing in size in the areas that deal with empathy, compassion, memory, and emotional regulation.  And, the amygdala (where the flight or flight response is located) actually reduced in size, i.e. this is the area of anxiety, fear and stress.  HELLLOOO!!  I mean who doesn’t want to love up all on themselves with a little less anxiety? Me-count me in!

So, my lovely tribe, take the time to think about this today and put some Self-Care in the schedule and let me know what you came up with.

Here’s a Challenge:  What 1 thing are you willing to do differently for the month of February that Empowers your Self-Care?  

Feeling Fueled with Self-Love & Yours in Gratitude,