How to Break Your Habits for Good

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten
— tony robbins

My clients are always asking me, “how do I really make my life look different?” The simple answer- it’s a choice.  But that’s also the hard answer.  Turning your life into something you are so juiced up  about that you jump out of bed to get started.  Being so passionate about it, beyond your wildest dreams, doesn’t just flick on like a switch.  It’s a choice you make each and every day.  It’s a choice to be able to look at the bigger picture, the bigger vision you have created for yourself and then continue on that path.  Holding that vision becomes the thing you turn your focus on, it rarely gets deterred.  Despite, say the flu running thru your house like it’s a freakin’ holiday parade (guess who that happened to?)  Despite the people who may not understand your vision.  You still wake up and take that baby step so that you’re one step closer to manifesting your dream life. 

When someone decides to lose, say 50lbs., they don’t just all of a sudden find it EASIER to eat healthy and pick more vegetables and lean protein, at every single meal. You don’t think they would rather be eating their junk food and sweets?!  How about when they would rather stay in bed and still get up anyway to go do a workout…in the pouring rain.  The list goes on and on, and there have been so many stories, books written, magazine articles, etc. and the one common denominator on this is unwavering. 

It’s your life...It’s your choice.

Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t understand this is truly an option.  Most of us have been raised to trudge thru life, fighting our way around the obstacles, hopefully you get a few rays of sunshine and then boom you’ve hit middle age and well…you may as well just let the reigns go a little and breathe for once.  And well that’s the end of that.  A lot of people think “change is hard” and guilty as charged, I was a big fan of that saying!  I wanted change, but I had been groomed to think anything I wanted was “hard” and required pain. Like in no pain, no gain.  Girlfriend, I am here to tell you…that is just not true!  Creating a vision, a plan for your life that is greater and grander than anything you ever thought of before is just the beginning of having choice. 

So, make a choice.  Starting today! You can do it!  And guess what, it will be the start of a beautiful relationship with yourself.  

See where you can make a new choice and let me know in the comments below! I love hearing from you and read each and every comment and email.  



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