Healthy Breakfast Bowls

I am loving these one bowl wonders!! And they are a snap to make.  In fact, you can get a Paleo, Whole30 meal here in less than 20 minutes if you plan, just a bit.  In this feature, I have my eggs (which we will really talk about in a minute), my grain in the form of my ezekiel muffin (one of my staples) for Paleo you should just add sweet potato instead, and a green that’s delicious and tasty.

I start with the eggs.  Now, I will admit I am a total egg snob.  I only use eggs that have some serious care behind them, because you what?  That’s one way I self care.  I love mySelf enough to treat my self to really good quality eggs.  There are a couple brands I like:

  • Vital Farms, Nellie’s, and any local farm that sells eggs.

The color of the yolk should be a deep orange color, one that really grabs you; because once you see one of these yolks you’re pale yellow creeper will look pathetic next to this delicious goodness.  You will begin to taste and feel the difference immediately.    I know, I have egg issues.   These eggs can be fried, in coconut oil or olive oil.  Or just do a soft boiled egg.  It will have a softish yolk, easy for your consumption.

Quickly sauté a vidalia or shallot with some good quality olive oil.  Add your washed greens.  In this case, I use a pre-washed Earth Balance mix of Kale and spinach that I love.  Sometimes, that “old” spinach brings back some good memories.  Once warmed and slightly wilted, I add a pinch of salt.  Throw eggs on the side and sprinkle with more salt.  Lightly butter ( I use Earth Balance) your muffin, and you have the new breakfast of Health Champs.  Enjoy!