So this has come up for me and probably everyone at some point.  Why do I keep repeating the same pattern/habit even though I know it’s not getting the result I really want?

This could be from something that happened in your childhood OR you just like the way you feel in the moment and so you do it.  Be it that extra cookie you have late at night, that extra drink while out with friends, knowing you have already had enough.  It could look like popping another pill or even going to one to many “healers” because they’re going to magically heal you!

So I pose to you to really go deep and not ask the why questions, because, girlfriend, you could spend years trying to figure that shit out.  Save yourself the time and the money!

You have to ask the hard question:  Where is my ME in that moment?  Where is my TRUE SELF in that moment?   Is this action in alignment with your TRUE SELF?

If you can’t find it, or see it, or FEEL it, that is when you have to do a major check-in with your self.  Most likely you will find you are not being present or aware of your YOU.  Also known as, NOT filling yourself up with love.  How can you love yourself better?  

Bringing awareness to it is the first step.  Just by asking yourself the above questions- you are bringing the awareness needed for change.

 The second step is to start to listen to that inner voice.  Can you hear her?  If not, take a 5 minute mediation and start to get into that quiet space and just…LISTEN.  And then do this every DAY at some point.  I find just doing it when I have the time makes all the difference.  At carpool line, at a stoplight, when you start your car up, just sit there and center yourself.  When your baby takes a nap, during a commercial, when you are waiting in line at Target.  Just start.

Eventually, you will start to hear your inner strength.  You’ll start to hear the love that is always all around you.  With very little effort, that voice will start to grow inside you and you will know you’re heading down a TRUE path because you will start to feel better about you.  Your days will be happier, just because.  Things will have a smoother flow to them.  You will start LOVING YOU and it will show up everywhere.  So, take the small amount of time today to show YOU that you care.