I find it so interesting the reaction to a news feature , on the Today Show, about a young couple who actually took time to nurture their relationship.  The back lash this couple received was astounding to me.  From comments of “well the reason I had kids was to actually spend time with them, not to get away from them”  Holy sh*t!!  First, this couple let the GRANDPARENTS take the baby, so this is not a story of neglect people. Creating a relationship with the grandparents is so important for the child.  Some people grow to have super close relationships with their Grandparents and this is the way it’s done.  By spending time with them.   Secondly, and to the point of the creation of my blog, they took time for self-love…and in this case couple-love.  I admire that these young people figured this out with their first child!!!  It took me until my second child to realize, maybe it’s time to pay attention to my relationship again! What a gift they give themselves and their relationship.  And what a gift they give their child, to show them at an early age how to self-love.  How fortunate they are to have parents who can and who want to take care of their child!

Let’s create a culture of supporting each other when we care for our selves!  Self-love is the key to creating limitless happiness because you are connecting to the source (aka. the universe, GOD, Jesus’ love, spirit, and whatever else is a power greater than you).   I applaud this couple, out loud, because if they can show people an example of self-love well thank you!!  We all need a little more of this -without the shame!

Let me know how you feel!!