Magnificent Mornings

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My Magnificent Mornings

How to ReVamp your mornings

I have crazy mornings with 3 kids, a husband and a dog that all need to be taken care of and fed.  It’s been my life for years now.   I would wake up “shot out of a canon”, as my husband would fondly refer to it, each day.   But truthfully, it was wearing me down.  Of course, people would lovingly suggest the idea of waking up early so I could get things done.  I had tried and retried a dozen times.  Trust me.  It wouldn't stick. 

But I still wasn’t doing it with me in mind.  I would wake up to process emails for the kids schools, or check my Facebook, or wander the kitchen until I figured I better get started on breakfast.  For the kids, not for me.  Or better yet, inevitably, someone else would wake up and the requests would start. Ugh!  I had had it!!

As my journey into “what does it mean to self-love” progressed I realized my heart was still not in it.  I said I would wake up earlier, and I did.  But my intention was not there.  I had, once again, not made myself the priority, but instead had put mindless activities in the front of really taking my self-care seriously.   In other words, I was completely unfocused and unintentional!  

Inspired by a book I was reading, 50 Ways to Yay by Alexi Panos I decided I would hold myself accountable and start waking up early at 5:30am!! 

This time I made a "meditation" out of putting water in the kettle to heat for my coffee.  I would lovingly get my french press started, smell the coffee grounds, and just enjoy the quiet.  I would sit for a minimum of 10 minutes in a gratitude meditation.  I would write down 10 things I was grateful for in my life.  It could be as simple as "I'm thankful for running water" or "I'm thankful for my children." 

What a difference to my mornings!!!

Setting your intention from your Heart will open you up to self-loved mornings

I started before the school year began in 2015 and have continued almost every day since. I feel centered and focused.  I'm grounded in my intentions and now I know that I always have the ability to care for myself when I need to.  I am not rushed in the mornings like I always had been.  I can connect with my kids on our ride to school.  Somehow I manage to feed myself and the kids breakfast.  And get dressed in clean clothes! Ha! 

Here are some ideas to help you get started with your Magnificent Mornings:

  • Mandatory Meditation for 5-10 minutes that sets your intention for the day.
  • Pour yourself a delicious cup of something, whatever YOU love, as the first welcome to your body.
  • Stretch your body to connect to it.  It doesn’t always have to be a workout at this time.
  • Write down 3 things/people/circumstances you are grateful.
  • And include 1 thing you're proud of yourself for doing on the gratitude list!

Let me know how you plan to start your magnificent mornings!  I would love to hear from you

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*Updated Note May 2018: Since the original post, I now do a 20-25 min meditation along with free-writing journal exercise immediately following it, so that any messages I need to receive are written down on paper.  I love this exercise to hear my inner thoughts.