Fear and How To Tame That Dragon

“Fear just means you’ve Forgotten how deeply you are Loved, how Safe you are and the Happiness will return, like you’ve never known before”

I just went thru a period, of about 4-5 days, where fear had reared her ugly head again for me. Just wondering if this website would work, would people gravitate to it and thinking it’s already been done-what could I possibly have to say that’s new?  It’s just crazy how your mind can fill your spirit/soul with thoughts that can over take you.  You begin to actually give these fears validity and energy.  It can make you feel as if this is really who you are…but deep down you know this can’t possibly be true.  So, here are the steps I took to master that fear dragon and get her back in her place.

  1. Journal it out baby!: Ok, so fear has come up and is trying to take over your soul. Let’s have at it then. Write it out, just get all those thoughts out on paper. Free-flow writing is my favorite for this. I get my beautiful journal, my favorite pen (I have many I use to get creative), maybe even pick a color that you are drawn to, a quiet space (even if you have to sit in your closet, Mamma) and just start writing. Don’t edit spelling, grammar, or try to tame your thoughts. Just put it all out there! It’s cathartic and mostly you’ll feel some sense of relief afterwards. This is really one of my favorite exercises.

  2. Meditate: Pick a meditation to open your heart and connect to the universal spirit (or God). Imagine a white light flowing into your heart with each inhalation and back out with each exhalation. Do this for even just 5 minutes and you will start to feel ease in your body and mind.

  3. Ask For Support: The universe is always speaking to us and we can’t always hear the message. The other day, while feeling in my fear funk, I asked the universe to show me some signs so I could feel hopeful. I trusted that it would come to me. I was driving and I kid you not, that I must have seen 15 different vanity plates, throughout my 2 hour drive, with words like dvnity (divinity), scred10 (sacred 10), hapest (happiest), beuty4u (beauty for you), I started laughing so hard I couldn’t believe it!! That has never happened to me, but then again I had never out right asked for it either.

Let me know how you have learned how to tame that Fear Dragon!  I am always craving new insights as well.