Why hello there! 

I'm Michelle, and I'm on mission to help Empower Moms and Mompreneurs, like you, to create a life you absolutely love living because you designed it your way!  I know Moms are the hub of the family and when they feel empowered, worthy, and valued they are unstoppable forces.  They will literally lift cars for the people they love. ;)

I know this is possible because I did it for myself. 

After years of doing it the "right way" and feeling drained, (read more here) I've created a life that allows me freedom, deep fulfilling relationships, and the ability to create adventure whenever I want. 

I have a relationship I am proud to say we worked thru the muck & hardships a 20 year relationship brings and came out the other side more connected, loving and in sync. 

I can honestly say that my ability to be present with my 3 kids has skyrocketed my relationships with them. I get to witness these awesome human beings become amazing people. AND I get to be the fun Mommy! Oh yeah!

My career has far exceeded my expectations, because I get to help people realize their potential and then watch them in action!  It's the coolest thing ever!  

When I'm not helping create these amazing transformations I can be found wearing my favorite comfy slippers, meditating, being in nature, playing family baseball outside in the warm sun or planning our next family adventure. 


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Michelle Goodman is an entrepreneur, master of Acupuncture, inspirational coach, Certified Meditation Teacher, and self-love motivator.  She helps women see their true authentic self by her straight-forward approach to changing the conversation of “I am not enough” to “ I know how powerful I am and I can!”  She also helps heal people thru Acupuncture and leads mediation classes, in her hometown of Lutherville, Maryland.